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Select product (-s) from our list after successful payment. If you did not like our selected products let`s collaborate and send your product (-s) in checkout page.

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After we create the store for your business, we will notify you that the order is completed. You will get an e-mail to verify ownership. Start selling immediately after successful ownership transfer and make yourself a financially independent person.


Services that you will get

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Dropshipping store

Shopify or woocommerce dropshipping store for your selected product (-s).

Winning product

The winning product to make sure that you are selling the item (-s) which one are in demand.

Premium theme

Your store will be made with premium theme which minimum value is $80.


We will provide two logotypes for your store. One logo will be with black text other with white.

Full description

We will provide an informative description, with all the product features and .gif images, but the product should be from our winning product list.


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